Joseph gordon levitt still dating ellen page

09-Nov-2020 18:08

I know what you’re thinking, where is Shia La Beouf?? Joseph Gordon Levitt just earned himself an AA after I finally caught his monologue from SNL. Perhaps you’ve seen this video, I’ve noticed some people linking and sharing it, but I’m going to post it anyway so I can get all opinionated at you.

The Zac Efron Crush Club, ZECC, includes me, Amanda and Nina officially. I’m also considering an Auteur Idol – the director series. Haven’t found an embed-able one yet so check it out on Yahoo trailers here.

And the Robert Pattinson Crush Club, RPCC, is mainly me and Cindy. It’s kind of a mix of I think they are talented, spunky, I wish them lots of success, and let’s be friends. I wanna know who you’d nominate for what and that’s what the comment box is for!! While I have only a slight idea on what the storyline is, it SO gives me enough that I want to see it.