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12-Apr-2020 16:06

On the night before their divorce was to be finalized, she knew what God was saying. Hear Kevin and Jamie’s story in Chapter 47 of Epic.

Social media star and model who's been represented by MSA Models NY.

Over the course of the next several months, Kevin did what the main character in the movie did, following the instructions in a book called .

He sent flowers, he cooked dinner, whatever he could to show love and appreciation to his wife. She had moved on to other dating relationships and was certain Kevin’s behavior was just an act.

Jamie Crosier believed staying in her marriage would mean a life of misery.

When she learned about her husband’s affair, she was relieved.

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“But," Griffith then said, "she is very private about her life and I respect that.” Well, it seems Griffith respects Johnson's privacy enough to not give too much detail about her relationship — she also apparently doesn't give her any dating advice.She was anxious for the divorce to be finalized so that she could get on with her happy life.