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As their craft and the styles of Europe progressed throughout the 17Pipe production remained strong through the later part of the 1600’s and the early 1700s, especially in the port cities of England and the Netherlands.However, English production faltered during the middle of the 18 Century due to various reasons.Subsequently, the mariners who traveled back-and-forth between the Americas and Europe soon took up the habit and passed it along to the ports they visited around the world.The earliest clay pipes surfaced in Europe circa 1580-1600.This distinct feature wasn’t so much of a design choice as it was a necessity.During that time, tobacco supplies were scarce and the costs high.Despite my clear limitations, in time I saw 14 different bird species including an Eastern Wood-Pewee, a Great Crested Flycatcher, and a Least Tern.Not too shabby given how limited my field of vision was.

Clay pipes unearthed at the old Sittingbourne Paper Mill site in the Swale district of Kent, England.

Most date from the 1860s and were produced into the first decades of the twentieth century.

Read more here: AIxf0The popularity and prevalence of clay pipes was snuffed out again when WW1 exploded onto the scene in 1914. At the outbreak of WW1, many tobacco companies began to distribute cigarettes to military personnel, which eventually led to their inclusion into military rations.

This dating technique only applies to pipe stems manufactured in England between approximately 15.

The opening scene of the first episode of actor and author Mackenzie Crook’s comedy TV series Detectorists is set in a plowed field somewhere in Essex, England. (Some context here: What he’s found is typically called here in the States a “pop tab” or “pull tab” or, as Jimmy Buffett styled it, “Stepped on a pop top. Had to cruise on back home.” Tizer is a British red-colored, citrus soda.) Andy: What do you do with ’em? A friend, who is a birding authority, was visiting, so my wife and I ventured out with her to several of the nature preserves that dot the North Fork.

From the decorative to the mundane, I’ve always been intrigued by clay tobacco pipes.