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29-Jun-2020 19:49

He reckoned this is his chance to perform outside Hong Kong.

The local TV station is broadcasting one of his TV series, therefore, his fans are watching him too.

He will be performing his concert at Ho Chi Minh city tonight.

This is Raymond's first time in Vietnam, a few hundred fans were already waiting for him in the airport.

When Raymond arrived at the airport, he was swamped by them.

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Many of them called him "housekeeper guy", even though some of the fans who don't understand Cantonese are very excited when they saw Raymond looking so happy.if have any question about Raymond Lam Fung, Please feel free go to that WEB SITE: cast of Bu huo ying xiong - 1985 includes: Ken Boyle as Westerner Dennis Chan as Chan Lam Ying Hong Luk as Policeman Wai Lam as Lam-Fung Chung Lin as Taoist Wong Ging Man Fung as Pa Wong Sally Yeh as San Deannie Yip as Mrs.Tang The cast of Chung fung jin ging - 2013 includes: Lisa Cheng as Lady Gangster Suet Lam as Ah Wai Jinjiang Li as Lam Wing Chung Ken Lo as Dah Kin Mengmeng Niu as Cheui Yan Maggie Siu as Hui Jeun Wang Siya as Ginny Simon Yam as Lam Kwok Kuen Zi Yi as Kiu Mei The cast of Jin jiao yin geng jiao - 1966 includes: Lap Ban Chan Ku Chou Yin Chow Meimei Deng Luquan Gao Sau Kei Lee Lai Kong Wen Lai Patricia Lam Fung Choh Lam Tsang Kung Lok Tien Lung Chen Ging Man Fung Siutong So Lanqing Tan Hak Wong Fung Wu Ming Yu The cast of Fung gip - 1979 includes: Sylvia Chang as Lin Jeng-ming Angie Chiu as Li Yuen Norman Chu as Ah Saw Ho Kai Law as Kwan Yin Chung Kwan as Cop George Lam as Doctor David Lam as Lee Ho-hing Choh Lam Tsang as Night Watchman Zhuozhuo Li as Grandma Tung Ng as Uncle Kung Kenneth Tsang as Detective Ping Yip as Wong Suk-lai The cast of Lam Gong juen ji fan fei jo fung wan - 1992 includes: Teddy Chan Fruit Chan as Whiz Emotion Cheung Leslie Cheung as Teddy Vivian Chow as Sic Man Paul Chun as Ngan Tung Charles Heung as Sergeant Lam Han Hon Man Keung Chan Feng Ku as The Master Guy Lai as Flash Pao Dave Lam Jing Terry Tong Lai Wang as (Guest star) Chun Yip Robin Zojac On December 18, 1932, Rosa and Raymond were married at her mother's house in ...As Kam plots to inherit the family fortune for herself and Chi Foon, it takes all of Hau’s energy to stop Kam and throw her out of the house, resulting in a relapse of Hau’s cancer.

With the help of Chi On’s attorney friend, Sheung Joi Sum (Linda Chung), can the Tong family stop Kam’s evil plot and restore the family’s peace? It was followed by the sequel “Moonlight Resonance” in 2008.

After, Raymond shared part of a sandwich with Linda, then she exposes a joyful look.

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