Invalidating query cache entries key bob hinds dating

14-May-2020 04:30

For ease of maintenance, I would recommend adding a Thanks to @dtvmedia for suggestion this feature.This is actually a more robust solution than cache-prefixes.Thanks to @lucian-dragomir for suggesting this feature!You can use cache key prefixing to keep cache entries separate for multi-tenant applications. Not only that, but it probably isn't a good idea to cache the user model anyway, since you always want to pull the most up-to-date info on it.Stale/potentially stale results are a drawback to caching, this is mitigated by choosing proper times to expire the cache either on a set or rolling schedule.Its possible to poll for changes since the cache was made, but this will likely eliminate most of your performance gain unless getting the product list is extremely slow.Keeping keys separate for multiple database connections is automatically handled.This is especially important for multi-tenant applications, and of course any application using multiple database connections.

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For now there are 4 parameters resulting in around 1 million combination of Urls per product. Example List before filtering: In order to improve performance we want to cache requests with Nginx fastcgi_cache.I needed a package that abstracted the caching process out of the model for me, and one that would let me cache custom queries, as well as cache model relationships.

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