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During this period of time I’ve applied myself to become a better person and a man by being on top of my mental and emotional game. My name is Arturo Carrillo out of Modesto, California.I’m at the age of 27, well calibrated with knowledge and personal experiences that have structured my unique and profound character of a man that breathes solely for the prosperity of those...I encourage you to treat yourself to stimulating conversation and good vibes; hit the “Contact... I consider myself to be someone who is funny, down to earth, open minded and considerate of other people’s opinions, beliefs and feelings. I’m looking to make new friends to help pass this time with. I have made a lot of mistakes in life but they have made me into the man I am today...Before I was incarcerated I lived in the city of Industry. I enjoy working out and I love to listen to a variety of music. First and foremost, the privilege is mine to have your immediate attention if for only these few seconds as your heart beats along with your curiosity.Hello, first and foremost allow me to give an introduction & a little something describing who I am.My name is Marius & I am currently incarcerated due to some bad decisions I had made when I was 20 years old.

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Connections to friends in the outside world could make the difference between the incentive to stay out and giving up in futility and going back to prison where they know they'll at least have their food and shelter taken care of.

Everyone on this site is in prison, some for short periods of time, and others for longer.