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Peraić set three hard-and-fast rules for himself — use a white background, use the format of Harden's side profile, and be creative — and got to work making his own unique brand of art.

The results have been remarkable, making Peraić something of a viral hit on the basketball Internet and earning praise from several art and design sites.

When did you first think up James Harden Illustrated, and when did you start working on it?

" data-reactid="33"When did you first think up James Harden Illustrated, and when did you start working on it?

I also had a small website with pictures of my trips.

I was one of the first on the internet with a website with photos from Disneyland Paris.

Since I love repetition — I created at least couple of hundred self portraits — I wanted to do another one, but to do it differently. As a designer, and not a typical illustrator, I want to avoid the enslavement of an expression to one style, so I created my own place, named it, bought a domain and started playing.

James Harden Illustrated is a training ground for creativity and developing skills where I can do whatever I want, respecting the manifesto I created that includes three simple rules: use space inside of James Harden’s profile form, [use a] white background and [find an] innovative, creative solution.

It wasn't until this year that I stumbled onto the dlrpfans (Disneyland Resort Paris fans) You Tube channel.But like many of us, he found himself looking for something to do off the clock that would both challenge and excite him."After graduating from School of Design in Zagreb last year, I decided to devote my spare time between commissioned work to producing passion work," Peraić told Ball Don't Lie via email."Something that relaxed me while developing my skills."James Harden Illustrated, an experiment in finding artistic freedom through self-imposed restriction.I was very lucky to meet Filip on our trip to Disneyland Paris in October.

As well as meeting Filip and his wife, I also met the star of the videos Jordi! Both of them were very lovely and very happy to talk, and the both of them recognised me because we're all friends on Facebook.

We’ll see." data-reactid="36"The funny thing is, this started as a small personal project I do for my own pleasure and ended up grabbing immense attention, being featured in some of the most relevant media on the planet. Were you drawn to it by Croatian stars like Drazen Petrovic and Toni Kukoc, or did something/someone else draw you in?