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17-May-2020 05:42

The actress stated, "Ever since I was a little kid, I dreamed of becoming an actress.

When I was a senior in high school, an agency contacted me after seeing my picture at a photography studio." She later graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Film and Television (BFTV) in Dankook University.

In 2006, Ha starred in Hwang Jini, a period drama based on the real-life history of the character of Hwang Jini, who lived in 16th-century Joseon and is considered the most famous gisaeng in the Korean history.

In 2009, Ha worked with Director Yoon Je-kyoon for the third time in the blockbuster disaster film Haeundae.

The bags were offered via Seoul Peekaboo Project auction to raise funds for the charity.

She played the role of a stunt woman, who magically switches bodies with a wealthy CEO character (played by Hyun Bin).

Today, 7 years ago, we met Gil Ra-im and Kim Joo-won for the first time. And vice versa, we saw him attending her movie premiere.

Happy Se Ga day for all Se Ga’s family around the world. our amazing couple, Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin, are really really close just like what we thought they were. And don’t ever forget, he was among the first of Jiwon’s co-stars who paid tribute when she lost her dad last January. Well, at least, they are still good buddies after all those years of the heart-fluttering Se Ga moment that brought us together here as Sega Family.

During the event, both actors spent time with recovering children and received an award for their previous efforts in promoting the sharing of medical services.

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In 2015, Ha, fashion icon Ko So-young, and figure skater Yuna Kim designed bags in cooperation with the Italian luxury brand Fendi.

In 2012, the actress revealed that she had failed over 100 auditions before her debut, "I passed my college entrance and written exams and was accepted to the department of theater and film.