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He tapped it again with his wand, and it fluttered off across Gryffindor table to land neatly in her outstretched hands.Harry mimed unfolding it and holding it to his ear when she looked at him, and she followed his instructions." the eagle knocker asked."This damned morning," Delf snapped."No," the knocker intoned calmly."The present," Roderick interjected before Delf punched the eagle in its sharp bronze beak.

""Not really," Roderick replied evasively, letting them into their dorm.

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I have gotten a ton of feedback about their friendship/dynamic/whatever you want to call it, so here's the 411: their romance is progressing very slowly, yes, and Harry has been a real moron in some ways, I know.

" Harry repeated."So Lawrence, are you going with Beverly today? Harry was seized by the sensation of being surrounded by a giant conspiracy, and didn't like it one bit."What conversation? The next forty-five minutes weren't happy ones for Harry, but they were quite amusing for Will, Lawrence and Roderick. He learned to deal with things like the Crescent Gala and a new Chocolate Frog Card every two years, and everyone knowing his name.

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" he demanded loudly."Not exactly." Lawrence smoothly ignored him. ""Try mine: they're too big for me," Roderick said. Then there's only Andrew, though Kelly would never go out with him. They continued to blatantly ignore his requests to know what they were talking about, and persisted in discussing girls. Tom just got incredibly jealous because I was snogging an attractive American girl and he wasn't, so now he's spreading tales to try and make me looks bad.""Actually, everyone who's heard it is pretty impressed.""Well, I did say and make me look bad. Give him a few years." He sounded a rather more bitter than he'd meant to, and Katie noticed."You and Tom don't really… " she asked hesitantly."It's not that we don't get on…" He relented. But we were raised very differently out of necessity, so it has nothing to do with dislike. I learned to be independent, and now that they've finally noticed that, they label it 'rebellious' and try to pretend they didn't make me this way."He's said more than he'd meant to, he realized as the silence lengthened without Katie saying anything. Now it was awkward."I don't mean to sound like a whiner," he muttered apologetically. They just really frustrate me sometimes."She laughed a little bit.

October was grey and brought rain, and seemed to take forever. Tom strutted about the castle like he owned it even after people stopped being impressed with him for the car incident. Harry won the first Quidditch game of the year against Slytherin. ""But Delf, it's a date," Harry said, feeling more and more perplexed by the moment.

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