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Gina, the Girl with the Glasses ---- Loves ---- Crops: Onion Bell Pepper Produce: Special Butter Special Cheese Shiny Wool Ores and Jewelry: Coral Ring Coral Brooch Fish: - Recipes: Caramelized Amago Caramelized Smelt Caramelized C. Carp ---- Likes ---- Crops: Green Herb Purple Herb Red Herb Orange Herb Moondrop Flower Pinkcat Flower Blue Mist Flower Mushroom Toadstool Honey Pontata Root Produce: Milk Good Milk Special Milk Egg Good Egg Special Egg Butter Good Butter Cheese Good Cheese Dull Wool Wool Dull Yarn Yarn Shiny Yarn Ores and Jewelry: Coral Topaz Ring Topaz Brooch Emerald Ring Emerald Brooch Ruby Ring Ruby Brooch Sapphire Ring Sapphire Brooch Amethyst Ring Amethyst Brooch Aquamarine Ring Aquamarine Brooch Diamond Ring Diamond Brooch Moonstone Ring Moonstone Brooch Silver Ring Silver Brooch Gold Ring Gold Brooch Fish: Amago Cureall Huchen Char Dace Silver Carp Salmon Rainbow Trout Crucian Carp Yamame Smelt Sardine Shinapper Bonito Flounder Mackerel Halfbeak Saury Snapper Snadore Halibut Yellowtail Tuna Opaleye Maple Flounder Recipes: Amago Sashimi Char Sashimi R.

Trout Sashimi Yamame Sashimi Squid Sashimi Nice Squid Sashimi Jamasquid Sashimi Lampsquid Sashimi Chulowfish Sashimi Lobster Sashimi Shrimp Sashimi Plain Omelet Cheese Omelette Tomato Omelette Tuna Steak Grilled Clam Steamed Clam Spinach Saute Baked Potato Fried Veggies Spicy Fried Veggies Cocoa Herb Tea Potage Soup Corn Soup Tomato Soup Pumpkin Soup Mushroom Soup Onion Soup Bouillabaisse Stew Cream Salmon Spicy Stew Stewed Pumpkin Stewed Potato Stewed Yam Boiled Spinach Stewed Eggplant Tomato Sardine Tomato Squid Caramelized Amago Caramelized Smelt Caramelized C. Carp Grilled Lobster Grilled Crawfish Grilled Shrimp Bread Corn Bread Pizza Seafood Pizza Potato Gratin Eggplant Gratin Mushroom Gratin Seafood Gratin Very Berry Juice Blueberry Juice Orange Juice Apple Juice Grape Juice Yogurt Baked Yam Baked Chestnut Baked Corn Potion Caffeine Stamina Drink Bravo Drink Green Balm Orange Balm Moon Balm Blue Balm ---- Hates ---- Crops: Toadstool Branch Weed Produce: Fodder Bird Feed Ores and Jewelry: Junk Ore Stone Fish: Can Boot (Left) Boot (Right) Recipes: Toadstool Saute Grass Juice Failed Dish Weird Dish 1.0.4.

If the 5 bells can be sounded by Harvest Sprites then the King should appear to help out the Goddess' divine tree.

The Harvest Goddess uses the last of her power to create the little sprites, and instructs the orange sprite, Finn, to search for someone who can help.

Animal Parade allows players to choose the gender and style of the protagonist.

You can play as the original Tree of Tranquility characters, or select one of the new styles.

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Animal Parade is similar to the first Wii game, Tree of Tranquility, and has several upgrades from the previous version.The main hub of commerce is Harmonica Town, where you will find shops and residences.

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