Guide to dating a french man

30-Mar-2020 13:52

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As much as we may hate to admit it, some stereotypes exist for a reason. No, but enough are for that to be how other cultures see us.

If you’re on Tinder, you’re probably familiar with this thought process; this is generally my experience every time I open it.

I’m swiping right just to see if he swiped right on me too.

Here, if you don’t sleep with someone, they take that to mean that you’re not actually interested in them. I recommend waiting a bit if you want to make sure he’ll stick around, but don’t wait too long or your Frenchman will assume a lack of compatibility and find someone else.

One thing I’ve found when dating in Paris is that if he’s even remotely serious about you, you’ll meet his friends early on.

I always take care to clarify it with them now, though, after briefly dating a guy who was relationship-minded, about which I wasn’t fully aware until drunkenly asking him outside of a bar at 4 in the morning after we’d been together for a couple of weeks.

Yes, it was awkward and could have been avoided had we had the conversation earlier.

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We let these take hold because we are scared of the unknown, something we never know, by definition, if will come with good or bad intentions.

I downloaded the app shortly after arriving in Paris, France.

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