Global address list not updating in outlook 2016

03-Jun-2020 03:58

Before moving to the solution part, it is necessary to confirm the cause of this error. Users can take help of this post and resolve the error by following instructions given here.Here is the way to find out if this error is caused by full BITS job list. A versatile writer with the vast knowledge of technology helps to reduce the gap between a user and technology.Every time, Outlook kept showing me “Error 0x80200049” warning message.

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Removing the address list will take a long time, and will prevent you from using the EAC session until the address list is fully removed.The method of clearing and resetting BITS job queue is given here: 1. Users will be able to download OAB without any trouble by following the method mentioned earlier in the post. In the detailed pane named “View and manage Office Add-ins,” there is an option named “Manage”.