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06-Aug-2020 16:59

Kicking off its arrival, Microsoft is pushing webcam support for streamers – specifically through the company's own live streaming service, Mixer.

With the service now built directly into the "Broadcasting" tab of Guide menu, setting up a webcam to stream proves to be relatively simple and integrates into the existing streaming tools of the console.

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For now, you'll need to use an Xbox One headset, or an external microphone like the Turtle Beach Stream Mic to broadcast your voice on streams.Blue Iris costs for the lightweight version (which only supports one camera) and for the full version (which supports up to 64 cameras).Notable features include: Sighthound Video is prohibitively expensive for casual home users, but if you’re absolutely serious about home surveillance and can afford several high-quality webcams, then there is no better solution. Sighthound Video costs for the basic license (which supports up to 2 cameras) and 0 for the pro license (which supports an unlimited number of cameras).Noel Leeming offers a fine selection so you're sure to get the one you need at the right price.

Start with the quality, basic models offering simple plug and play setup, video capability in VGA resolution for crisp and clear calling, built-in noise reducing microphones and camera quality offering high-resolutions 5MP photos.Whatever your budget and requirements, we have the webcam for you.