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28-Aug-2020 08:44

But it was Manav's growing fondness for her that made Shweta a bit uncomfortable (as both had suffered in past relationships).

During an interview, Shweta shared how she felt uncomfortable and confused, as she did not want to trouble their friendship, so they politely parted.

Ram and Gautami are one of the most loved and adored couples of the Indian television.

So, these two, totally opposite people became good friends.Their friendship goes back to the time when they both were working on popular TV soap .Both Shweta and Manav hit it off and soon turned the best of friends.Like all other couples, they initially denied their relationship but eventually confirmed it later.

And, after Nandish proposed Rashmi on the eve of his birthday bash, the two got married in 2012.After five years of being in a steady relationship, Gurmeet finally proposed to Debina with a big diamond ring on a reality TV show, “They call us bhaiya and didi.