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06-Nov-2019 15:30

Seeing as i Web is slightly limited in some of the features you would expect in a professional site, I needed to make a few tweaks before I could be happy.

Since then, we have had nearly as many requests for technical help as we have for real jobs.

PDFpen Pro 5 gains the capability to convert a Web site into a multi-page PDF document, can create list widgets and pop-ups in PDF forms, and can create a Submit button to submit PDF form data via the Web or email.

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Among the issues fixed are an error with files with more than 126 Access Control Entries, errors where extended attributes were not re-applied to files in certain situations, a Leopard-specific issue with saving passwords for encrypted backups, and an issue where the software’s log file could be unwritable for the current user.

(.95/.95 new, upgrade, free update for purchases after 14 February 2010, 42.8/43.1 MB) Read/post comments about PDFpen/PDFpen Pro 5.0.1.

Safari 5.0.2/4.1.2 — Apple has released Safari 5.0.2 and Safari 4.1.2 (the former for users running Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard or later, the latter for users still running 10.4 Tiger).

According to Apple’s sparse release notes, the minor update improves comments and search support for blogs and podcasts published to Apple’s Mobile Me service.

Assorted Mobile Me publishing issues are also fixed.The updates patch a pair of vulnerabilities that could allow maliciously crafted Web sites to execute their own code or crash Safari.