Error in validating the xml file against the latest schema dating pangalan ng brunei

22-Oct-2019 13:19

The following code does the job and reports when error occurs. SAXParse Exception; public class XMLValidation /** * XMLReader * Copyright (c) 2002 by Dr. So let's try to validate this label against the pds namespace schema definition.One way to do that is to right-click on the file name in the Project Explorer window, go about halfway down the menu, and select Validate.The PDS4_PDS_0800k.xsd' file is the file containing the namespace definition that corresponds to the "/v08" test version.The other schemas are there so you can try pointing to the wrong one to see what happens.

error in validating the xml file against the latest schema-6

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If your a program that wants to, for example, validate the content that follows, you'd better be able to find and read the schema document(s) that defines that namespace.This namespace holds attributes and elements that are part of the XML Schema language.