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21-Jun-2020 18:09

I guess the Bind command tries to run before I have the chance to populate the DDL at all.

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I'd be happy to post more of my code if it would help you out, I just didn't want to flood my post with code that wasn't relevant to the problem. Hence, the Update statement has no idea where to get the @Category value from. Yes, that's why I wanted to see your Update parameters, because, as I suspected, there's no Control Parameter that passes the selected value of the dropdownlist.

Look for this in your data, and you will be able to fix the problem.

After you do that, you should PREVENT this problem from happening by establishing a foreign key relationship between the two tables, and ONLY storing the IDs from Table 2 in Table 1. The reason you are getting this error is that you have Categories in the ID-Name-Category table that do not exist in the separate Categories table.

Hence, the Update statement has no idea where to get the @Category value from. I'm not new to programming, just new to C#, so I have a decent handle on program logic and the flow. NET is just so new to me that I don't know many of the intricacies of how to accomplish even the most basic stuff.

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Could you be so kind as to point me to a tutorial that might help me out? Actually, looking at what you're trying to do a bit more closely, it looks like what you have is probably OK.I have only one record in the [Activities] table at the moment, and have edited it manually with different values to test them out.