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24-May-2020 05:33

(No disrespect intended to the curb.) Last week, for example, there was the terrible new census data report that nearly one in six Americans is living in poverty, and one in four babies born in America right now goes home to a family living in poverty.(1) This is a national emergency! We talked about how concerned parents are about the chemicals that our children are exposed to every day.

And yet, we're hearing the same old mantra from Congress. And we delivered over 73,000 signatures on a petition asking the President to make chemical policy reform part of his cancer prevention plan.

On Thursday, Speaker Boehner reiterated that Congress should reduce our nation's deficit solely by cutting spending on family economic security programs like Medicaid... Then I told Jon Carson, Nancy Sutley and other White House officials about...

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younger brother James Middleton at Princess Eugenie's wedding.Corporate lobbyists and lawyers, and even some state and federal legislators, are doing everything they can to stop health care reform before it even gets a chance to go into full effect. Every family I know budgets by putting the health, safety, and future of their children first.

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