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25-Sep-2019 11:22

Their testimonials are the plummeting incidences of some of these diseases in the tested population.At the other end of the seriousness-of-genetic-testing spectrum, federal regulators are finally cracking down on dubious DNA-based claims. Two copies of the R577X variant indicate inborn skill at endurance events, and no copies suggest a child stick to sprints. Never mind that a child has some 20,000 or so other genes affecting physiology.DISSECTING A DNA DATING WEBSITE The most damage a sports gene test can do is to keep a child from something she loves because of a DNA-obsessed parent.A more questionable application of DNA testing is in “relationship science,” something I learned about a few weeks ago when a reporter from asked me about it.

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(The image shows tiny wasps with the wonderful name mating, thanks to pheromones wafting from the male.) More telling in the scent department may be the 1995 study of women preferring the sweaty T-shirts of men least like them genetically.

Like the HLA genes, its variants are associated with several health conditions: sudden infant death syndrome, Alzheimer aggression, depression following emotional trauma, alcoholism, neuroticism, deviant sexual behavior, hypertension and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

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