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02-Jul-2020 09:59

I could post pics if those would help, or if anyone wants to see them.

I got them from a used music store so I don't know too much about them.

I am collecting pics of Pearl Drum Badges from all years and all series. The Rectangular 80's and 90's style and the Masters' are my fav's but I'm wanting to compile a visual collection for "All to See".

From 1966 Presidents onward to the latest Masterworks Artisans - I would like to see them all.

I decided to start after buying my first Pearl kit.

I may have been measuring wrong, because I found a Pearl catalog from which drums like these would have been ordered, and there were no half inch depth options.

Are you supposed to measure from the top of the rim? I'll also measure again, because I may have read the ruler wrong (stupid mistake LOL). I love Vintage Sunburst and your kit looks really fine.

Free Floating Badges, Special Editions, CZX's, Steel, BLX, MLX, whatever you have! LOL, I would just like to let you know that I think you are probably one of my favorite noob (implying nothing other than that you are new to the forum.

Not wanting to imply that you know nothing) members. (and now on topic) I am at a friends house ATM, but I'll try to take some pics of my badges tomorrow.

Masters Premium has been discontinued, but can still be special ordered. I hope this helps anyone who has the question "When were my Masters Series made? Now all we need is for someone to make this thread "sticky", and the info will be there for all to see at a moment's notice! I have some sort of bad quality pics, but could take more if these are too poor to help with investigation. I believe from previous research that they are 6 ply 7.5mm (BRX, according to nova, which started in 1999).

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