Dating when your biological clock is ticking

12-Jan-2020 07:20

Unfortunately for some of you ladies, it translates to finding someone who may have similar goals to raise a family and have children, but very little compatibilities in other areas of your life.There is a reason the phrase “love is blind” is commonly used and referenced, to describe when someone ignores obvious signs of trouble, incompatibility or blatant difference in values, yet remains with their partner.BY CARMELIA RAY Matchmaker & Attraction Expert When your biological clock is ticking, you feel like you’re dating clock is clicking right alongside. Right now” at a time when they were listening to their biological clock.As a dating and relationship expert, I’ve had the unique opportunity of speaking with thousands of single women (many of whom are moms) post break-up, who are now on their own searching for the ‘Mr. As the clock ticks, there is a tendency to place a tremendous amount of pressure on you to hurry up and find a (willing) man.When you know what you’re looking for, you have more clarity, meaning and purpose to your search.This doesn’t mean you create an obstacle list, or a super human list that no man could ever measure up to.Tip 1- Make A List Of What You’re Looking For This seems so trivial for many ladies, but I am so surprised at how many of you have never sat down with yourself, your thoughts and a pen and paper in hand to create your “wish list” or description of your “ideal” partner.The most important lesson of this exercise is to have a plan and create a standard for which all potential men you meet will measure up against.

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They are men who are also looking for someone to fulfill their desire of sharing their life with a partner in a 2 parent household.This list should include some basic values, and consider the important core values and lifestyle you want to share with your ideal partner and how you’d like to raise a family.You can’t attract the right man into your life when you don’t know who he is or what he’s like.Stay true to your values and keep focused on your happiness.

Being an unhappy and unfilled wife, is not an environment you want to raise a family in.Another consideration is to ask yourself is, how you measure up to the list your ideal man has, of his partner?