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27-Sep-2020 14:37

If only they worked The truth is this: Women aren't stopping anytime soon. It places a burden and sets expectations on the shoulders of men whilst simultaneously punishing women for succeeding. They should not be made to feel guilty for having financial success. It's like when you get with someone following a breakup and you're already assuming they're cheating on and lying to you, because why would anyone ever be genuine? Venus and Saturn will also connect this week, offering us some much-needed connection to other people, as well as clarity…

Society needs to catch up to the present and nix the idea that men are the only ones who can and should provide. by Codi Cheyenne Mercury’s retrograde ends on December 6th! What better way than with a New Moon in Sagittarius the very next day!

Overall, 75 percent of women said they would be unlikely to date an unemployed man, with 33 percent saying no outright.

Another 42 percent of women answered maybe when asked about the possibility of dating an unemployed man.

That answer, however, came with the stipulation that those women would not want to spend a lot of time in the relationship if the man did not have a plan in place.

Just 21 percent of women said they would date an unemployed man.

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They're somehow penalized for being the one making the money and, often, portrayed as the villain; as the reason why their husbands cheat or leave. @jenniferficarra by Caroline Phinney I feel kind of bad for 2019 because people are already mad at it and it hasn't even started. That means you’re going to have to shake off the dust and become alert.

And for him, it's the resentment of being less than; of having to rely on someone else.

On the other end of the spectrum, however, is the idea that if you're a female who is unemployed you're simply looking to be taken care of; that you're lazy or a gold digger.

"Is it wrong that I said no because he's unemployed? She was referring to a guy who asked her to go for drinks.

To his face, she simply told him she was seeing someone else.There's an antiquated belief that still permeates society — males should be the breadwinners in relationships and be able to support their female partners.