Dating tips for older couples

24-Dec-2019 23:58

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The best compliment to a couple is to make them look happy and young – make them feel as though they’ve gone back in time and are reliving the event every time they look at the photos. I still have a hard time with on the spot thinking when it comes to posing – any suggestions on some good poses, and how to make the bride and groom feel comfortable?Hollie: I don’t agree with the no close-ups note – – you can fix lines and bags in closeups with a soft flash and not make the people look bad Ashley: Thanks everyone! Also this bride doesn’t like being the center of attention, so how do I make her feel comfortable.The premise of this driver is the fact we are more creative, innovative and high performing in groups than we are on our own.The evidence shows that an individuals intelligence (g-factor) is ALWAYS trumped by the collectives intelligence (c-factor).Do a google search for “wedding photography questionnaires” and that should help you plan what you need to do, Good luck.Hollie: pose an older couple just like a younger couple…it is still the happiest day of their life, they are still getting married, they are still happily in love, and they are still bride and groom. The couple has no idea what they want really, that’s why they hired me.Ashley Tom: Posing a wedding couple is essentially the same regardless of age.

dating tips for older couples-64

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Howe devastating would it be to have missed the kiss? Brides may not think about it at the time, but when they are going through the pics later, it’s the detail shots that set the tone and give the overall feel for the wedding. I have had many friends (including me) who want pics of our rings and the photographers didn’t shoot them (I have since gone and done ring shots for my friends because their photogs didn’t in the first place) Hope you like my novel, and hope it helps Best of luck!!If you have, then this shouldn’t be a problem, if you haven’t, I’d watch some wedding photography tutorials.

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