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09-Oct-2020 20:30

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Women, if you sense someone checking you out, try to get a better look on the sly to see if you might be interested so you don’t exchange glances with someone you’d rather not.

Once eye contact has been made, don’t hold their gaze for too long, not that first one.

However, if she meets your gaze a second time, and keeps it for a second, even without the smile, there’s definite potential.

She could be playing a bit coy, she may even teasingly ignore you for a little while, which gives you time to plan your next move.

Get yourself a pint or pour another glass of wine, here is the first in a new series with tips for men and women to survive and succeed at the Paris dating scene.

I’d read once that the French don’t pick up in bars, from my experience this is far from the reality, however, it’s probably true that French women might be a little cooler and harder to crack which has led to this theory.

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There’s nothing worse than a piercing eagle eyeing up his prey.At the bottom are general tips and a list of flirting-friendly bars.It’s Friday night, you’ve put on some nice clothes and are ready to get the weekend started with your You need to let them know that you’re interested.You’ll both gain more confidence with some smiles and exchanging some friendly chatter.

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French men can be extremely admirative; don’t be afraid of this, but remember to take their words with some caution.Either way, you’ll earn points for being a gentleman and your gesture will also prolong your discussion.