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22-Oct-2019 14:02

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When it told me to restart the computer, I did, and now I cannot get the computer to return to the Windows Desktop Screen.This is what happens: I first get the Gateway Logo Screen with Boot Menu F10 and Bios Settings F2.Then it repeats itself again with the Windows XP screen. Any help with this problem will be so appreciated as my husband needs his financial files. Jeanne Jeanne, Press the F8 key just after the BIOS screen, you should get a list for options for booting. Also another option in the list is "disable automatic restart" - this will give you more information why the computer is not starting.Basically you should see a blue screen with information (the blue screen of death).Telnet is not the same as other TCP/IP protocols such as HTTP, which transfers files to and from a server.Instead, the Telnet protocol has you log on to a server as if you were an actual user, then grants you direct control and all the same rights to files and applications as the user that you're logged in as.Telnet is rarely used to connect to devices or systems anymore.

The last portion of the command is used for the Telnet port number but is only necessary to specify if it's not the default port of 23.This information can be used to help narrow done what is happening.Common issues would be a driver or corrupted registry hive.One example of this is the telnet command, available from the Command Prompt in Windows.

The telnet command is a command that uses the Telnet protocol to communicate with a remote device or system.

Did the installation of SP3 go smooth, any error or exceptions happen?

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