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After the violent upheavals of the Yamasee War and Tuscarora Wars during the second decade of the 18th century, the North Carolina colony encouraged English settlement along the upper Cape Fear River, the only navigable waterway entirely within the colony.

Two inland settlements, Cross Creek and Campbellton, were established by Scots from Campbeltown, Argyll and Bute, Scotland.

It is the second-oldest militia unit in the country.

Henry Evans (circa 1760–1810), a free black preacher, is locally known as the "Father of Methodism" in the area.

Some security offerings are open to the general public, with the state prescribed registration fee required.

Courses are conducted by our staff and a carefully selected group of experienced police and security officer trainers.

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They were afraid people would use the Pee Dee River and transport their goods to Charleston, South Carolina.

The area also included a number of active Revolutionaries.