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07-Jan-2020 04:14

She eventually dropped the complaint, saying her son had been depressed and suicidal.

Slyva's ex-wife had also accused her former husband of violence, but the claim had not been proven.

On the morning of 15 August 2018, Kerr arranged to visit his flat after her shift at Guys and St Thomas's Hospital.

Sylva attacked her in bed with a 20cm kitchen knife, slashing her throat and repeatedly stabbing her face and neck.

Speaking to his brother Damian just days before the murder, Sylva had expressed concerns that he believed he would either end up killing himself or someone else.

He had also been treated recently in hospital after taking an overdose.

He had earlier admitted to manslaughter, but maintained that he was not guilty of murder, citing his depression as a reason.Using a 20cm kitchen knife, Jamaican-born Sylva attacked Ms Kerr in bed by slashing her throat and stabbing her face and neck dozens of times.