Dating between catholics and protestants

24-Sep-2020 01:21

Which leads me to the third difference: we believe Christ is really present in the bread and wine - that is, His flesh and blood really, physically are where once there was a white wafer and grape wine.We worship His flesh and blood and treat it with the utmost respect.However, through a series of what can only be described as miracles, I entered the Church.As with most converts, I have desired to absorb the faith like a sponge.I’ve ran into many people who are catholics and have had conversations with them about this subject.Most of the time you hear about non denominational christians judging the catholics on their practice. I believe, no matter what denomination you may choose to be from, you choose it because you feel it is the best way to grow your relationship with Jesus Christ.As Blessed Henry Cardinal Newman once said, “To be deep in history is to cease to be Protestant.” Thus the Catholic has only one set of dogmas, while Protestants, sadly, have divers contradictory sets of dogmas all drawn from the same book, isolated from its context, so that it might mean any number of things.That is why there are Anabaptists, Baptists, High Church Anglicans, Low Church Anglicans, Lutherans, Calvinists, Reformed Baptists, Southern Baptists, non-denominationals, post-denominationals, postmillenials, Seventh-Day Adventists, nontrinitarians, evangelicals, evangelical reformeds, Methodists, Quakers, Shakers, and dozens upon dozens of other types of Protestants all originating from the same understanding of the Bible: sola scriptura.

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What is different in form between the way a Baptist and the way a non-denominational interpret Scripture? :shrug: My point, then, basically is not to incriminate you particularly, but to point out that, frankly, all Protestants truly do interpret the Bible through the lens of sola scriptura - the Bible alone and isolated from anything or anyone but the interpreter - and this is a vital, almost incompatible difference between Catholics and Protestants. I was not even Christian - never having been baptized.

I love some of the practices of the Catholic church, I believe it is a great church.

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