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The village was pillaged and burnt twice in the 17th century, by Austrian and Swedish army troops.

Knives made by the Schrade Cutlery Company are still prized and sought after by collectors and fans of knives all over the world.

Mein Auftrag lautete: Komponiere ein Musikstück über Asten und skizziere den geographischen Rand.

Asten bietet gute Rohmaterialien für den Klangforscher: Hauptverkehrswege (Westbahn, Westautobahn, Einflugschneise), Kläranlage, Donaukraftwerk, Mülldeponie, Müllsortieranlage, Gefängnis, Menschen in Neubauten, Au- und Schilflandschaften und Badeseen. 6000 Neu-Astener genießen die Nähe zu Linz, beteiligen sich aber kaum am kulturellen Leben, kommen, wie es scheint, bloß zum schlafen.

Silhouets of Hunter-Gatherer and Agricultural societies were also found in the area.Including surrounding areas of Aarle-Rixtel, Mierlo, Muschberg en Geestenberg, Nuenen, Geldrop, De Doornakkers, Asten, Breugel, t Hofke, Tongelre, Lakerlopen, Someren, Son, Keldonk, Heeze, Villapark, Boekel, Eindhoven, Zijtaart, Erp, Sint-Oedenrode, Mariaheide, Eerde, Meerhoven, Veghel, Waalre, Veldhoven, Best, Volkel, Odiliapeel, Valkenswaard, Cranendonck, there are over 1,549 members and growing every day.Asten has a rich history going back to the Roman period.A second stone-built fortified building was suspected at the north, at the site of the current Slotweg ("castle road") to be precise.

Some stone fragments have been excavated, although no conclusive evidence of a fortified building has been produced here.

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