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03-Oct-2019 01:56

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We regret to hear that you're encountering issues logging in! Please be sure to check your spam and social folders, as the messages may have been directed there by your email provider.Also, please double-check the email address you're sending your request to. If you’re used to signing up to some dating websites, you can make most of LDS Pals without experiencing any inconvenience.If you are a member of LDS Pals, you’ll be able to browse through some profiles, keep track of individuals that interest you and you can read and write messages from and to anyone for free of charge.Our subscription now includes access to the Messaging feature, which enables you to communicate with any member on the site regardless of their subscription level!If we can answer any questions regarding this, please let us know at [email protected]

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Moreover, you may save message drafts so you do not have to write the same thing if you do not want to.Tired of seeing the same people recommended to you no matter how many times you say "no"?