Dating a vegan dating chinese guy

02-Feb-2020 18:25

Successful relationships are based on shared values.

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And as we know, more people are embracing the veg every day.

In my opinion, if you can't agree that cruelty to animals is unnecessary, and that meat is unnecessary in maintaining a healthy diet, it doesn't bode well for a successful, loving future together. Of course you remain independent people, but when you share so much of your life with someone it makes sense that you need to be morally on the same page.

That's all well and good, you might say, but where can I find another person that thinks like me?

(And on the real, you haven't lived until you've been to a vegan potluck. Please don't eat a burger in front of us and go "mmm MMMmmm DON'T YOU MISS THIS!? The simplest reason for not doing this is: we will never, have sex with you now.

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We make a metric shitton (legit measurement) of food and then hoover it down as if we have actual vacuums in our mouths. We honestly love talking about it with people who aren't judgy dongs.

I know two married couples where one partner went vegan while the other remained a meat eater.