Dating a recovering alcoholic problems

27-Oct-2019 16:11

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You might also want to check-in with yourself to see if you suffer from codependent tendencies.Someone who struggles with codependency is going to have a hard time successfully navigating a relationship with a person in recovery.How can the person you know now be the same person who abused drugs or alcohol?For others, it may be a little easier to accept, especially in cases where one has dealt either first or second hand with a substance use disorder.If you are going to move forward with the relationship, then you have to be willing to accept the baggage that comes with it.The fact is, after a person’s life has been infected by addiction, there are going to be facets that are still fractured.This doesn’t mean you should grill them on every nook and cranny of their past.Rather, you should ask questions that show you want to gain a deeper understanding of them.

According to a article, an estimated 40 to 60 percent of people in recovery relapse. Don’t let yourself become deaf to your warning sirens. Keep an open mind, but remember the last thing you want is to be pulled down into the spiral of someone else’s downfall.If not, be kind and terminate the relationship before getting further involved.