Dating a browning auto 5

03-Jun-2020 18:19

My husband inherited it from his grandfather and we are trying to find out more about it (not to sell it, for personal knowledge). Dating these old guns are at best an educated guess.

The dates listed here are based on records/logs with the range of dates.

Some have shown up with the entire year stamped instead of the two digit year code.

***1966 - 1977 ***17595 - 260221964 was the last year of the “R” (4R) Standard Weight A5 16ga.1968 – 1976 The two digit year precedes the S.

These dates were gleaned primarily from Sauerfan's timeline and the Shirley/Vanderlinden book. Browning informed me the gun left the factory in 1955. Last shipped before the outbreak of WWI was SN 19642.1915 to 1918 No production due to German occupation of Belgium during WWI.1919: 19671- 205001920: 20501 - 222371921: 22238 - 240501922: 24051 – 260001923 Barrel Address (US market) BROWNING ARMS COMPANY OGDEN UTAH BROWNING’S PATENT26001 – 284001924: 28401 - 356501925: 35651 – 40010 (app.)1926: 40011 (app.) - 516001927: 51601 - 579001928: 57901 – 651001929 Ventilated barrel rib (as an option) and barrel address change to "Ogden Utah and St Louis Mo.

It is also the last year of the non-engraved sweet sixteen.

This is the “unmarked” Browning, era of the Sweet Sixteen.