Dating a banker anonymus

08-Nov-2019 11:56

It helps stimulate discussion with him when he's really down.

Hate to use the term 'normal', but didn't know what else to say, just mean girls who aren't in similar industries.

He rides a motorbike as well, and being a shy and quite sheltered young woman I was so impressed. I've also never met anyone so logical and so good at reasoning.

He took me on his bike a few times and I remember feeling special and adventurous. I just gave up everytime I tried to argue with him because everything he said made perfect sense. I remember I even had a stupid dream, in which he told me that he already has 7 girlfriends, and I told him I don't care if you have 7 or 100 girlfriends I still want to be with you. In the months that I was with him, there was not a single week that I did not have mood swings.

The responses to another thread worried me a bit (it was about wealthy men and dating essentially), I'm worried that if i become a banker the only girls i'll be able to date will be 'gold diggers' and i'd like to be able to date someone who likes me for who i am as a person (soppy, i know).

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To be clear from the beginning, there are times when there is nothing you can say. Stop saying that only phone calls are meaningful and that texting doesn’t count. Phone calls are hard sometimes and be pleasantly surprised when they come, but never sit by the phone and wait for them. And more importantly, they are often just setting themselves up for frustration and disappointment. Being with you (as long as the two of you are not fighting and you're not whining about missing a dinner reservation), is infinitely better than pulling an all-nighter at the office.Even the professor was particularly impressed and always asked for his opinion or would come up to him after class for more discussion. This is before I knew that he was anything remotely rich.( And he is rich, came from a very rich family and lives in a fancy house in a very nice area).I just knew he was hot and cool and just so perfect.In my final year of university, I met an investment banking graduate in class.

He was smart, confident, well-composed, and came to class in a suit everyday.

If you are into dating sites then it won't matter at all; you don't have to mention what you are doing, tbh probably better to just keep it vague until you know the person a bit.