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25-Sep-2020 01:03

In his crusade against pornography, Simon Lokodo, Uganda's minister for ethics and integrity, announced that he had acquired an anti-porn machine that would detect those viewing lurid stuff for police to pounce on them. ILLUSTRATION | JOHN NYAGAH | NMG Whatever his intention, Lokodo became the butt of jokes with his machine that nobody believed existed.

Then an anti-porn commission was launched and they tried to back Lokodo.

I asked hetero dudes, “Which of the following items do you most often find up your ass?

” and (perhaps not so surprisingly), the majority went for the jokey answer: “Your own metaphorical head” (57 percent), followed more tellingly by “Your lover’s finger” (18 percent), “Your own finger” (16 percent) and “A dildo or vibrator” (9 percent).

“True or false: You’re often tempted to buy Magnum condoms even though you don’t really need them.” Answers: false (89 percent), true (11 percent).


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” But I’m sure glad I did: 26 percent of you have gotten eye to eye within the past year, 21 percent within the past month, 19 percent haven’t done it since childhood.They named a few cyber nudists who were going to be arrested but well, nothing happened. Before Simon Lokodo, the minister for ethics and integrity was Dr Nsaba Buturo.