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09-Aug-2020 00:48

Feel free to read their testimonials elsewhere on this page. Contact us NOW so you can receive the FREE ultimate Costa Rica Real Estate Experience. The Ultimate Costa Rica Real Estate Experience for all who move to Costa Rica and want to do it right!is an experience that only the Properties in Costa Rica specialists, Go Dutch Realty, your professional, experienced and trusted real estate in Costa Rica company in the Central Valley can give you.

They aren’t ugly at all, but thetica girls are not anything special. The country has been ambushed with gringos for the past thirty years. Still, I spent around 5 weeks in Costa Rica with a majority of them being in San Pedro, the university town suburb of San Jose. Truly, I didn’t really see any benefit in being in Costa Rica over Panama.All Go Dutch real estate agents are well trained and WILL do due diligence, unlike most real estate offices in Costa Rica do, before we even list a home, land or condo in Costa Rica, to make sure you will be buying property in Costa Rica with a clear title.

We make sure we get to know the Costa Rica property as well as we can, so we can give you, the buyer, all the necessary expertise.Costa Rica Real Estate agents by Go Dutch Realty aren’t high-pressure sales people when it comes to buying Costa Rican real estate because our mission is to guide you through the buying and legal process on real estate in Costa Rica that will protect you when you purchase your costa rica luxury real estate, save you money and eliminate frustration.