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Thus, for the same copyright sites, the capitalist received multiple payments from Google.”According to the statement, most of the sites were “hosted” on the Internet by one of the largest cloud service providers in the United States.

This, the authorities claimed, led the man to believe he was anonymous.

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The person who holds the rights to a work reserves them for a specific amount of time, and the copyright can be renewed.

Copyright owners also have some control over where their works are posted online, sold, and how they’re modified.

If you make a living creating images, talk to a lawyer and/or join a professional group like the American Society of Media Photographers in order to get a solid understanding of how copyright laws apply to you and your work. The following instructions briefly outline the process in the United States, and it’s pretty similar in most other countries. No need to hop in your car—the registration process can be completed online.

Be sure to disable your browser’s pop-up blocker before you begin.

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Copyright laws vary from country to country, but they’re all designed to protect the rights of those who create original works (like pictures).You can expect an email confirming receipt of your payment and application, and log back into your account to check on the status of your application.Once it’s accepted, you’ll receive an official registration certificate in the mail.According to an announcement from the Ministry of the Interior, a “special operation” was carried out this week to take down dozens of streaming platforms said to be involved in the unlicensed distribution of copyright works.

Carried out under the direction of the Sofia District Prosecutor’s office, the Cybercrime Specialized Unit at the State Security Service detained a 40-year-old man said to be the owner/operator of dozens of pirate sites, which appear to have focused on the streaming sector.

The authorities claimed that the man ran more than 40 websites which distributed movies online without obtaining permission from copyright holders.

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