Consolidating two itunes folders

07-Nov-2020 01:26

i Tunes does this by automatically copying any media dragged into its main window, and in addition, placing that copy in AAC (Advanced Audio Codec) format-Apple’s default format for audio-in the i Tunes Music folder on your C drive.The result is that any when any audio media, be it .mp3, audio CD, etc.multiple hard drives) And now if you want to read my explanation of ‘what’s happening’ based on your description and question (can’t help the teacher in me speaking here), read on: The i TML is an XML file (database file) that tells the i Tunes application where all your linked content is (whether in the documents folder of your C drive on PC or the Macintosh HD:users:username: Music folder on the Mac).To the detriment of most users (advanced or even the uninitiated), the default settings in i Tunes only serve to ‘centralize’ media in the i Tunes folder on the C drive or the default drive (including copying/duplicating your media), in order to maintain data in a single location.I use it very successfully for tidying up, and it copes with any file type.

Otherwise, I haven’t been able to duplicate the problem by dragging a song from my library into a new playlist with the current version of i Tunes. If I have a folder of mp3’s and drag the folder to the i Tunes icon on the dock it makes two entries in the library for each song. .mp3s) to the new directory versus having i Tunes copy the media, by unchecking the “Copy files to i Tunes Music Folder when adding to library” function prior to consolidating the library, then after i Tunes is done consolidating, you can manually move your media to this new directory/folder.

Win Merge can compare both folders and files, presenting differences in a visual text format that is easy to understand and handle.

Does this happen when you drag a song from your library into a new playlist or when you drag a song from outside i Tunes and drop it in? The key to managing files with i Tunes is understanding that i Tunes keeps track of where your media is located via the i Tunes Music Library.

It's a duplicate file finder that's smart enough to ignore tags on MP3 files.

It might ignore tags with other audio types too, I've also heard that the author is pretty responsive, if you need an extra feature or two.

*I have i Tunes set to manage my music folder and I know it copies and arranges them in my Music folder. This may be desirable especially if you want to maintain your original file formats or if you don’t need i Tunes to copy existing media.

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