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A look at how things could have been if they had met before Dauntless. Will he realize that she alone has the power to heal him? Note: The primary story of Work of Art was pulled and published."He talks to me sometimes. every once in a while, he'll make eye contact with me, and I feel like I've won the lottery or something." A boy most people overlook. But can their relationship survive their age difference and a rogue academic hell-bent on destroying their happiness?

Geeky Edward Cullen is dumped by his high school sweetheart...alone..a parking engagement ring in his pocket. Bella met Edward in a London pub, never imagining where each would be 7 years later: he a Congressman fueled by ever-growing political ambition, she the woman with an explosive secret that can end all his dreams. Bella Swan is a physician assistant student trying to survive a grueling clinical year. Edward Cullen, a cocky, irresistible ob/gyn resident.Sometimes, everything you're looking for ends up being right where you left it. 1st Place Silver Spur Award Public Vote, 2nd Place Silver Spur Award Judges Choice, 1st Place Gentlemen Wear White Award (Swooniest Fella) Public Vote and Judges Choice, 2nd Place Hay Ride Award Judges Choice.* Now expanded and complete! -Cómo es que Nerdbella Swan tiene tanto genio y no lo había presenciado hasta ahora. Only multi-platinum, award-winning rocker Edward Cullen is anything but until he meets Bella Swan. Isabella has been cooperating with the DEA under her father's nose.A Twilight story that will hopefully keep you on the edge of your sofa! When Bella returns under somewhat mysterious circumstances, Forks will never be the same. E/B AU AH Lemons, Lang, Dark Th Edward is a fugitive on the run. She's angry that she's been taken from her perfect life. She wants a thrill and she finds it in the bad boy from across the tracks. She makes the call that will change her brother's life. , Edward Cullen escogió lo que siempre había planeado, una vida llena de exitos y logros pero en el fondo vacía. Edward llegó a su vida como una estrella a iluminarlo todo, enseñándole a brillar y a creer que los milagros y los cuentos de hadas de verdad existen… My name is Isabella Swan and today, I signed a contract that would put me in the steel tight clutches of a man I didn't know, for four years. Enter his 'crew', Alice the hacker, Jasper his second, Rose the shrink..Bella, the girl who's father gave his life to protect Edward's. But when Tobias transfers on his Choosing Day Beatrice is left to find herself and reconsider everything she was taught.

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He's angry that he has to run with a woman who annoys him no end. v S5mvl CUXDf8& feature youtube gdata"There's this new girl in town. Emmett likes her, but he says she smells like trees. anyway, I think she's going to have my baby." A story about a boy who made a mistake. Watch them intertwine themselves into worlds they never even belonged in; learning the best lesson there is ... Can they fight their feelings long enough to play the game and win? M for Lang/Lemons Bella es una joven virgen con un oscuro secreto: ¡Quiere ser Dominada! ¿Qué pasaría si en lugar de encontrarse con el Dominante acordado, se encontrara con el tímido nerd de gafas, Edward, que por error terminó ahí? Un día le otorgan la oportunidad de conocer su vida si hubiese elegido distinto... When they meet again in a different life how will they reconnect?

They don't get on, but can it lead to something more? My sister keeps telling me the media is way too hard on Prince Edward—that he isn't an arrogant, self-entitled bastard and I'd like him if I got to know him. The more time I spend with His Royal Heinous, the more I want him to leave me alone. we're all different, yet we are the same.****REPOST****After the death of her father, Bella inherits the Seattle Mariners. (Undergoing MAJOR construction)How much mischief can innocent, high school senior, Bella Swan get into in just one evening?

Soon, both of them are in a sixty nine pleasuring each other using their tongues.… continue reading »

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Girls are especially likely to support friends’ relationships on social media: 71% of girls with dating experience have done so, compared with 57% of boys.… continue reading »

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