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Civil war between the two sides began in 1975 and lasted, with some quieter periods, until 2002–though the fall of Communist rule came in 1992, and some resistance continued beyond 2002.Today, Angola is a hotbed for Chinese investment, and with its oil riches it has a rapidly increased GDP per person (although inequality remains high and many residents are quite poor).The People’s Republic was founded after a leftist militant coup in 1970.The initial leader, Marien Ngouabi, led the local Marxist/Leninist party for seven years before himself being assassinated.Sadly, the peace did not last, with a civil war following in the late 1990s, and peace has only returned alongside single-party rule, with much international concern for the human rights of indigenous communities.

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After the Vietnam War, and decades of national and international conflict, the United States and South Vietnam los the war and Vietnam was reunited as a Communist nation in 1976.With Soviet support, the first Communist regime was established in Afghanistan in 1978, and it survived in various forms until 1992.The leaders initially after the revolution, Nur Muhammad Taraki and Hafizullah Amin, instituted a number of reforms, including equal rights for women and land reform.Conflict largely subsided in 1999, and today all former members are either in the E. (Slovenia and Croatia), candidates (Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia), or potential future candidates (Kosovo as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Investigations into war crimes in the former Yugoslavia have continued to the present day, as the dissolution of the state was a violent and bloody episode.

Peace has been relatively lasting, with over a decade since cessation of conflict, and many economic improvements have been made since then.

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