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They resisted the rule of the foreigners in an attempt to regain their independence.The story of the first season of Code Geass follows Lelouch Lampeouge, a former royalty of Brittania, is a student and the main protagonist. C., a mysterious green haired girl who grants him the “Power of Kings,” Geass.One day, he finds himself in a dangerous situation in a crossfire between the Area 11 rebel forces and the oppressors, the Brittanian. It let Lelouch make anyone he makes eye contact with obey him without question.Realizing the immense power he has, he begins his journey under the alias of Zero, to get revenge against Brittania. A year has passed after the eventful Black Rebellion; the failed attempt at overthrowing the Britanian Empire, which was led by Zero, who has gone missing.

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Sunrise studio has just come out with a movie called Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection.No matter what you’ve read about Code Geass season 3 the anime is yet to be announced.