Cmt dating show sweet home alabama

22-Mar-2020 10:22

Other than the dating, the show features many great landmarks in south Alabama that have seen increased business and traffic since they were featured on the show.

So let’s start with the woman who is looking for that perfect soul mate.

He was hired recently as a paramedic and firefighter with the Mobile Fire Department.

The show sets country boys and city guys against each other for the hand of South Carolina native Paige Duke, a former ambassador for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. She’s looking for a certain type of guy, and I think she’s definitely going to find it,” Squire said.

There are also contestants from Georgia, Louisiana, and Tennessee.

Plus many of the guys are coming from either New York or California.

Glassman, will be one of 22 female suitors vying for the heart of Tribble Reese, the runner up from the show’s first season. “I was never a homewrecker; everything that the media has portrayed me as is false, from the littlest to the biggest things," she tells the .

As for the viewers, Glassman seems excited they would get to see “the real Hailey,” not the one everyone remembers as Jon's 2009 booty call. In my head, two years ago the Kardashians weren’t married or had any kids, now you get to see the new Hailey Glassman, not the tabloid Hailey Glassman,” she says, aiming awfully high, even for a delusional d-lister.

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