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[on her decision to return to Young & the Restless] Well, I had a year off to relax and do my thing; to take a break, basically.I was so stressed out before that I couldn't appreciate being on the show. So that's why I left, and I had a year off and then they asked me to come back, so I thought, "Yeah, I feel fine now" and I really missed everybody, so I did.[on her multiracial heritage affecting her career] There have been a lot of parts I haven't gotten because they couldn't define my look.Christel Khalil played Lily Ashby in the television soap opera.

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Can’t wait for you all to see this film, such a funny script by @iamtoddwolfe.” So, glad to see Christel will be in this upcoming comedic film? Happy 9th birthday to the apple of my eye, love of my life, my great teacher in this lifetime. Being active in the industry since 1993, Christel has collected a heavy amount of money.My love for you is endless and you surprise me everyday. However, Khalil’s hasn’t disclosed the details about her salary but we expect it to be over is thousand per episode.Following her separation with Ray, Christina started another relationship with Sam Restagno, a Toronto-based businessman in 2016. Further, the couple seems to enjoy each other company.

In addition, the American actress is hugely active in social media.

The feature is written and directed by Todd Wolfe with production slated to begin at the end on the month.

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