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24-Mar-2020 01:07

But I suppose that a comedian who has claimed that his material is feminist would not carry the same stereotype in his head.

One hopes that he may believe I'm writing this piece comfortably lounging on my beanbag after a good breakfast, a pleasant smile on my face.

He goes on to say that other actors like 'Mike' Mohan and Ramarajan are probably still waiting to be called for a shoot.

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Suchitra is married to Karthik and the comedian makes a joke about how he was worried if the handle would leak one of their clips. As anyone who'd followed the scandal would remember, there was quite a bit of confusion on what exactly happened in those days.

If the audience Karthik Kumar was speaking to didn't know who Nalini was and what she looked like, there is no joke.

According to Aguilera, through her highs, lows, and all business gamuts, Rutler has had a major positive effect on her self-esteem.… continue reading »

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Nur weil du unterwegs bist bedeutet das nicht, dass du den ganzen Spaß verpassen musst.… continue reading »

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