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09-Mar-2020 04:51

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The clip is about a college girl whose clothes disappear on her: she dresses up and sees her clothes as usual, but others don’t – she’s naked for everybody, and there’s no way for her to appear clothed.

At first, she even has no idea that she’s naked for her roommates and friends.

When I visit my wife’s family, they have the same dynamic for every party – it involves a lot more booze than food, a lot more unhealthy food than healthy food, and a lot more waiting around than provocative conversation.

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It’s not entirely clear if the poster feels welcome at the party.

I remember that these are nice people, warm people, generous people, family members – and that although we have different ways of socializing, it’s not my place to impose my values on them.

I sat at one of the tables with his sisters and female cousins.

I don’t get to determine what my wife’s family does when I visit for Thanksgiving, Christmas and various birthdays.

But just because he doesn’t see the need to babysit you at a family function, I wouldn’t make that big a deal about it.

I’m only telling you something you already know: his family dynamic has existed for WAY longer than your relationship.