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18-Feb-2020 01:04

And also in 'A Guide to Recognizing Our Saints,' he was really, really good.

So I got his contact info and I was going to just ask him to do a bit with me for promotion stuff, but that fell through because he emailed too late.

s heretofore best known as the sole female in Seth Rogen's perpetually stoned 'Knocked Up' entourage, is garnering big buzz for her tiny film, 'Paper Heart' -- a charming, disarming and line-blurring documentary-narrative hybrid film about one skeptical girl's quest to discover whether true love really is possible.

Half a documentary, in which Yi travels across America interviewing real-life romance novelists, professors, and Average Joes and Janes for their take on the Big-L, and half a scripted narrative, in which Yi plays a fictionalized version of herself who falls for a fictionalized version of 'Superbad' star Michael Cera, the film (which opens in limited release Aug. I figured everyone's an actor, everyone's done commercials and stuff.

We came across the Charlyne Yi/Michael Cera rumours on a gossip blog back when the rumours started and she laughed and said, "Yeah right, she's not his type."But I never inquired further.

D: Apparently, according to Katie, the girl he dated all through highschool was a really bitchy white girl who kind of treated him like crap. I'm hoping to be plastered by the time I see Michael Cera.

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If that's the case, that is the worst apology I've ever read -- like he's saying it's fine to say racist shit as long as you're in character (and she was supposed to just that, even though they were meeting each other for the first time and weren't in an acting context?Clearly they've never seen Yi in any sort of interviews since she's usually such a sweet, mild-mannered, sometimes shy person.