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Rightfully so, De Montfort makes distinctions regarding the faith accorded to such stories.The Holy Scriptures require divine faith; to non-faith based stories we give human faith; and to stories recorded in , we give pious faith, meaning the subjects are not contrary to reason, faith or morals (cf. Every time I re-read this rosary classic, I never regret it.Many people find the rosary difficult, so De Montfort seeks to make it more accessible to any devotee.(Forty-First Rose) Over and over again throughout the work, De Montfort emphasizes how those devoted to the rosary overcome sin in their lives.Perhaps what was true for me was one of De Montfort’s retorts: a “big fault a lot of people make when saying the Holy Rosary is to have no intention other than that of getting it over as quickly as possible.” A good method of praying the rosary includes asking for a special grace.De Montfort also calls speed pray-ers to task saying, “It is really pathetic to see how most people say the Holy Rosary–they say it astonishingly fast and mumble so that the words are not properly pronounced at all.” To this, De Montfort suggests slowing down with the rosary.He outlines four dispositions, with the fifth being explicated in the forty-eight rose.The first disposition is to always pray and not grow faint.

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Their expression of devotion may come from their prayers, homilies, or treatises. Louis de Montfort, should come to mind, who died on this date 300 years ago (April 28, 1716).

These are the distractions that the devil employs to lead us away from the rosary because he knows that its devotees are no longer in his grasp.