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29-Oct-2019 22:46

New research, published in the journal Antiquity, has cast new light on how Stone Age Orcadians lived and interacted both with each other and those further afield.

(Photo: Colin Richards)For decades weather-beaten archaeologists have trudged the Orkneys taking measurements and painstakingly excavating cairns and passage graves to unravel the monumental story of the islands’ neolithic civilisation.

In the event that 1% of the benzene in a present day reference test inadvertently vanishes, glimmer numbering will give a radiocarbon age that is excessively youthful by around 80 years.

This clouds the way that the genuine age of the item being measured may lie outside the scope of dates cited.

Then again, atomic testing expanded the measure of 14 C in the air, which achieved a most extreme in 1963 of twice what it had been before the testing started.