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The actor Michael Massee fired the gun, and it took some time for the studio staff to realize what had really happened.

The actor was rushed to the New Hanover Regional Medical Centre in Wilmington, North Carolina, and was taken to emergency surgery, but eventually died on the operating table because of internal bleeding, after 10 hours of failed attempts to save him – he was just 28 years old.

There were rumours flying that Bruce Lee had taught the secret blows of Wing Chun, and masters of this martial art killed Brandon Lee so only they could knew these scams.

Brandon Lee is buried in Lake View Cemetery, Seattle, Washington, USA.

That's probably why people enjoy my villainy.[from a 1983 magazine interview] Quite frankly, I'm grateful to Dracula. You just can't imbue them with all those characteristics. " And most people expect me to behave in a certain way socially. I think that - apart from the fields of science and medicine - we live in an age of decline. There is decline in morals, ideals, manners, respect, truthfulness: just about everything, in fact. The film stars of today, in my opinion, don't compare with their predecessors.

If people today remember me in the role and still enjoy it, I'm flattered. But, when you toy with the dark side of the soul, imagination comes into the forefront. Of course, they don't expect to find me slaughtering people in all directions, but, for instance, their reaction is "I don't believe it! The best are very good, but the last giant of cinema, I think, was Bette Davis.

When I look back at my men with the black hats, they've always had something else going for them, whether it be a sardonic sense of humor or a feeling of desolation. What does bother me is when people say, "Ah yes, there goes Dracula," or "There goes the horror king." It simply isn't true. Seeing horror depicted on film doesn't affect me much."Good" people... I think there is a great sadness in villains, and I have tried to put that across.

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Anthony Hopkins used to say, "I don't play villains, I play people," and it's a quote I use all the time.

Brandon Bruce Lee was born on the 1st February 1965, in Oakland, California USA, of Chinese American descent, and was an actor, following in the footsteps of his father, the actor Bruce Lee.

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