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His companions are his producer Azamat Bagatov and a pet hen. While interviewing and mocking a panel of feminists, he learns of the actress's name and her residence in California.

In New York, Borat sees an episode of Baywatch on TV and immediately falls in love with Pamela Anderson's character, C. Borat is then informed by telegram that Oksana has been killed by a bear.

It is the second of three films built around Baron Cohen's characters from Da Ali G Show (2000–04): the first, Ali G Indahouse, was released in 2002, and featured a cameo by Borat, and the third, Brüno, was released in 2009.

The film is produced by Baron Cohen's production company, Four By Two Productions ("Four By Two" is Cockney rhyming slang for "Jew").

Borat takes driving lessons and buys a dilapidated ice-cream truck for the journey. C., where he meets gay pride parade participants and politicians Alan Keyes and Bob Barr.

When Borat tells Keyes about the friends he made at gay pride, Keyes reveals that they are homosexual, shocking Borat and filling him with regret.

The film was directed by Larry Charles and distributed by 20th Century Fox.

Controversy surrounded the film from two years prior to its release, and after the film's release, some cast members spoke against, and even sued, its creators.Borat's truck runs out of gas, and he begins to hitchhike to California.He is soon picked up by drunken fraternity brothers from the University of South Carolina.Delighted, he resolves to travel to California and make Pam Anderson his new wife.

Azamat is afraid of flying because of the September 11, 2001, attacks, which he believes were the work of Jews.At a hotel, Borat, just out of the bath, catches Azamat masturbating over the Baywatch magazine.

For instance, she said, the city’s domestic violence shelters are paid for through a federal program intended to help families, and so have few spots for single victims.… continue reading »

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